About Us

Nicci Abaya is a London-based fashion store that aspires to be the largest online boutique retailer. It aims at nurturing our community of confident women.Today, the store is growing at an exponential rate. The store offers a great variety of traditional and modern attires. Luxury Abayas and Hijabs are presented to the sophisticated modern woman. Nicci Abaya strives to achieve the highest level of “customer satisfaction” possible. We “accessorize luxury attires for an irresistible look”. This differentiates us from another store in the region and across. Our clothes are designed with utmost precision and a special focus on quality.While you shop with us,  rest assured that you will be more than happy with “our services, products, and prices”. We aim to provide the best service quality guided by our two core objectives – Quality authenticity and early delivery guaranteed!

''Luxury is in the Details''